Environmental protection is an integral part of Aduno’s culture and philosophy.

Our guiding emotion is gratitude towards the earth: we have a duty to repay its generosity and preserve its original condition as much as possible.

As industrial production has inevitable repercussions on the environment, we feel it is our responsibility to do our best to counter and overcome the resulting pollution.

To this end, we decided to support an initiative that helps the people of the Amazon rainforest, the inhabitants of the green lung of the world.

We contacted the organization Amazônia Onlus, which supports the Xixuaú Project in the fight against deforestation and the aim of guaranteeing education, healthcare and sustainable development to indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest. 

In Brazil, Amazônia Onlus has carried out numerous environmental conservation projects and humanitarian and social work, thereby improving the quality of life of the Caboclos people and helping to protect around 200,000 hectares of tropical rainforest.

In Europe, the organization raises awareness of issues related to environmental protection and biological and cultural diversity. In addition, it does fundraising work and holds events to popularize knowledge of the environment.

In our corner of the world, we need to help spread a culture of sustainable growth that respects the indigenous people responsible for such richness all over the planet. We want to be more responsible too.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more, have a look at the Association’s website: www.amazoniabr.org

If you want to stay informed about the Association’s initiatives and projects, just sign up for our Newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date.


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