BASIC5 VITRUM PLUVIA guarantees the crops and orchard protection from abundant rains and from atmospheric events that can affect the harvest. Particularly fruit cultivation with delicate skin, such as cherries, peaches, grapes, pears … have a real need for protection – as well as from insects, hail, … – from abundant rains and thunderstorms, for example in late summer, which risk leading to “cracking” (laceration of the peel in its weakest point), compromising the harvest quality.

BASIC5 VITRUM PLUVIA Rain Cover & Orchard protection options:

  • VITRUM PLUVIA C150: single coated polyethylene fabric | protects fruit and vegetables against extreme climate conditions (rain, hail, temperature) | extremely strong
  • VITRUM PLUVIA C200: double coated polyethylene fabric | for roof and walls of the greenhouse | extremely strong

The woven fabric can be provided with reinforced zones and special marking lines.


  • orchards covering and protecting from weather conditions
  • high UV transmissivity
  • more diffused light on the crops | excellent the combination with BASIC111 white reflective groundcover which, lying at the base of the crop, reflects the light increasing the brightness (± 70%) of the cultivation environment and therefore the quality of the crop
  • roof and walls of greenhouses


  • highly transparent technical fabric
  • very resistant to mechanical traction | durable and reusable season after season
  • inside and outside use
  • anti UV additive | 400-500 kLy*


*in a climate zone of 90 kLy/year (Western Europe) this corresponds to 4-5 years

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