BASIC5 is a complete range of thermal screens, ready to satisfy all your needs for protected crops.
BASIC5 thermal screens meet every climate control requirement inside and outside the greenhouse: energy saving, cooling, shading, blackout, supplementary light reflection, etc.

The name BASIC5 is something of an identity card for our thermal screens: there are 5 versions of our thermal screens, which come with a 5-year warranty. 5 is also the number that best represents the spirit of our business.


BASIC5 thermal screens are available in both plain and knitted weave.

For plain weave, we can also carry out the necessary coating process to make screens waterproof for outdoor use or make them more resistant to wear for rolling installation indoors.

As with nets and technical textiles, thermal screens can be tailor-made for special installations with eyelets, reinforcement wires or hooks, …

Make your choice

Argentum, Lactis, Reflex, Tenebris and Vitrum are the names of our 5 types of thermal screen, grouped according to their constituent materials and end-use.

Argentum: thermal screens for indoor use, with aluminium strips, transparent strips and open spaces for shading and energy saving. More information…

Lactis: thermal screens for indoor use with white light diffusion strips for shading. More information…

Reflex: thermal screens for outdoor use with white-black aluminium strips for shading. More information…

Tenebris: blackout thermal screens for blackout and light control on photosensitive crops for indoor use. More information…

Vitrum: thermal screens for indoor use with transparent strips for direct or diffuse light, for insulation. More information…

The common feature of all versions of BASIC5 thermal screens is the highest quality of the raw materials used to produce them (polyester, aluminium and high-density polyethylene [HDPE]) with continuous and comprehensive quality control to provide the best possible products and performances.


We are in frequent contact with experts who use their skills and experience to keep us up to date with problems and needs. We seek to answer them by making the necessary adjustments and improvements to our products.

You can also give us your ideas for further product development: the performance of our thermal screens will be reflected on your crops and you can become a leading player.

In addition, we can produce new on-demand variations of the BASIC5 versions with special features for your needs, provided they are of general interest or comply with our minimum production requirements.

Our Warranty and UV Protection

The warranty for these screens is also linked to the number 5: we offer 5 years under all types of greenhouse covering.

Why is the warranty of this length? It is the average lifespan under typical thermal conditions in the Central Mediterranean climate. BASIC5 thermal screens have UV stability of 500 kLy (kilo – Langley).

The intensity of UV radiation is measured in kLy (kilo – Langley), a unit that represents the amount of UV radiation that falls on a cm2 per year.

The intensity of UV radiation is variable and, as you can see from the map, depends largely on geographical location.

schermi termici basic5.doc

The symbolism of the number 5

The number 5 represents multiplicity, change, fluidity and exploration.

The influence of the number 5, with its central position in the sequence from 1 to 9, is a guarantee of an ongoing quest for new destinations. It thus symbolizes a new starting point for research, passions and fortune.

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