The anti-insect net features a very tight weave, designed to protect crops against various types of insects. It creates a barrier that also makes it possible to limit the use of pesticides, while always ensuring the best possible ventilation.

BASIC5 Insecta anti-insect nets are produced in a woven pattern with Sulzer looms using pure high- density polyethylene (HDPE).


  • Maximum net width is 5.15 m, but they are also available as custom-made sheets, stitched and trimmed
  • They are treated with anti-UV additive to prevent degradation due to ultraviolet rays from the sun
  • The standard color is neutral, but they are also available in white
  • They are guaranteed for a period of four years or 400 kLy (up to 700 kLy on request)

Options for BASIC5 Insecta anti-insect nets, depending on crop protection needs:

INSECTA 50 mesh: maglia 0,23 mm X 0,77 mm

INSECTA 40 mesh: 0,4 mm X 0,77 mm

INSECTA 2X5 mesh: 2 mm X 5 mm

INSECTA 3X4 mesh: 3 mm X 4 mm

INSECTA 1,3X1,8 mesh: 1,3 mm X 1,8 mm

INSECTA 0,2X0,2 mesh: maglia 0,2 mm X 0,2 mm

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