Aduno S.r.l.

Aduno srl is the name of our company, established in Milan in 1998.

We manufacture technical textiles for crop protection, horticulture and floriculture applications.

Our customers are greenhouse builders and companies that supply and install screens and technical textiles.

Like any company, we have a past. Our 20-plus years of experience in the field of technical textiles have taught us our current strength: expertise in “constructing” fabrics for all horti-floricultural needs.

Every one of the many people we have encountered has enriched our human and technical skill set, thereby reinforcing our mantra: each action must lead to the achievement of a new objective and new wellbeing, creating a starting point for the next step.

In our present, we collaborate with experts to improve our products on an ongoing basis and we use highly specialized state-of-the-art machinery.

Naturally, we also focus on the future, striving hard to develop a culture of cooperation with those who want to improve themselves and their work.

True to our mission to offer the best possible quality at the best possible price, we are committed to spreading the use of thermal screens and technical textiles as widely as possible. In this way, their associated benefits can be applied to crops that were previously excluded.

What we think

We have made some professional ​​choices that reflect our approach to life:

  • We like “teaming up” or “networking”, to use the current term: we are aiming to expand our network of collaborators
  • We think that people are the most important thing in business
  • We like the Internet, as we can use it to establish lasting personal relationships
  • We don’t like being in the spotlight, we leave this to our customers
  • Our investments are aimed at research, product development and price reductions, always guaranteeing the highest level of quality

We have decided not to make certain other choices

  • We do not invest in traditional marketing
  • We do not like talk … but action
  • We do not have a stock service: our production is made to order, so we meet specific requests and avoid holding costs

We do not try to be the best, we just try to do something useful.

Siamo un’azienda specializzata nella produzione di schermi termici per agricoltura