Groundcovers are technical fabrics used in nurseries, greenhouses and tunnels, but also in orchards. They are used to create a clean cultivation environment, both under greenhouse covering and open field. The white version also helps to increase light reflection in cultivation.

BASIC111 is a range of groundcovers in which weight, strenght and drainage are perfectly combined: they are highly resistant and their pattern guarantees good water permeability in order to prevent harmful waterlogging.

BASIC111 groundcovers options:

BASIC111 black or green with blue 15×15 cm marker square


  • prevents the weeds growth, creating a clean cultivation environment: it means that you use fewer herbicides and pesticides
  • promotes the reduction of water consumption, as it limits evapotranspiration
  • the marker squares on the fabric make it easy to line up pots or holes
  • inside and outside use
  • high draining capacity


BASIC111 white with blue 15×15 cm marker square


  • used for light reflection: the white fabric lying at the base of the crop, reflects the light increasing the brightness (± 70%) of the cultivation environment and therefore the quality of the crop
  • used in orchards, the combination with BASIC5 VITRUM PLUVIA is perfect: the transparent and waterproof fabric designed to protect orchards from rains and weather, creates with BASIC111 white reflective groundcover an ideal cultivation environment
  • high draining capacity


  • innovative weight of 111 g/m² and special weave | a special combination of weight, strenght and drainage
  • similar to a fabric of 130 g/m² for its mechanical properties | the water permeability qualities and price are comparable to a fabric of 100 g/m²
  • manufactured with the highest quality virgin polypropylene
  • UV stabilized
  • professional use

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