Groundcovers are technical fabrics used in nurseries, greenhouses and tunnels to prevent the growth of weeds or for light reflection (white version). They are also used on hillsides and sloping land. The clean environment means that you use fewer herbicides and pesticides.

The fabrics are made ​​of UV-stabilized highly resistant polypropylene tape and guarantee good water permeability in order to prevent waterlogging.

The marker squares on the fabric make it easy to line up pots or holes.

Our BASIC111 groundcover is designed to give you more drainage, more resistance and more solidity at the best possible price.

BASIC111 is a range of groundcovers with an innovative weight of 111 g/m2!

It is the perfect combination of weight, strength and drainage.

In addition, the entire BASIC111 groundcover production chain is monitored very closely, which allows us to guarantee a product of the highest quality at the lowest possible price.


  • The special weave we have developed (96 x 44) gives BASIC111 mechanical properties that are similar to a fabric of 130 g/m2. However, the price and water permeability qualities are comparable to a fabric of 100 g/m2.
  • Produced with the highest quality virgin polypropylene
  • U.V. stabilized (500 kLy)
  • Available in traditional heights 1.10 – 1.65 – 2.10 – 3.30 – 4.20 – 5.25 m
  • Four color variations: black-black / black-green / black- brown / white
  • The only groundcover with light brown 15 x 15 cm marker squares
  • Also available with half-folded rolls from the 3.30 m version upwards

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