BASIC5 Reflex thermal screens are knitted screens made with black and white strips, recommended for cooling and shading.

Due to their specific function, they have an open structure and feature different combinations of open spaces and black and white strips to allow good air circulation.

Technical features:

  • Standard widths 3.20, 4.30, 5.30 m and we can produce any width on demand up to and including 6.20 m.
  • For sliding, hanging and rolling installations
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Available only in an open structure version, given the specific cooling function
  • Shading rates: from 40% to 85%
  • SPECIAL VERSION: the range of BASIC5 Reflex thermal screens also includes a special version REFLEX ARGENTUM that features aluminum strips instead of black and white ones. It is also knitted and can be fitted with support wires and hooks for hanging installations outside the greenhouse.

Options for BASIC5 Reflex thermal screens, each available in different percentages of shading:

REFLEX BW: white/black screen, inside/outside use, open structure

REFLEX BW W: white/black screen, outside use, open structure, with wires

Special versions:

REFLEX ARGENTUM: aluminum screen, outside use, open structure

REFLEX ARGENTUM W: aluminum screen, outside use, open structure, with wires

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