Generally used as a net for outdoor crop protection, the BASIC5 Tepore can also be used in tunnels.
It has a protective function, both against sudden drops in temperature – to prevent thermal stress to plants – and intrusion by large insects and small animals.

Its semi-transparency and extreme lightness (38 gr / m2) make it a product that can be used with any crop requiring protection, an excellent alternative to nonwoven fabrics.

It is produced by knitting transparent strips and pure polyethylene (HDPE) yarns.


  • The standard width is 6.0 m, but we can produce any width on demand with stitching
  • Enriched with anti-UV additive
  • Weight 38 gr/m2
  • Guaranteed for exposure up to 300 kLy

Azienda specializzate nella protezione di reti tessute per colture protette sia da repentini cali di temperatura, sia dalle incursioni di insetti o animali